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Thoughts on the Book
The book offers guidance and focus our attention on the important elements that speak to the soul of an entrepreneur: Your story, strengths and weaknesses, your meaning in life, mindset and ideas. It also leads you to evaluate your role as a change maker and what value knowledge could offer.Dr Gerhard van Wykauthor of : So What's your Plan? Your Entrepreneurial Guide.

Paballo Diboke asks hard-hitting questions through this book about the quality of life and leadership expected of young people of this country. It is a lonely long walk that Diboke travels through these pages in search of better ways of equipping young people with skills, knowledge, and abilities to solve current problems. Truly, a commendable journey that very few dare to tread.

Mr. Hopewell Radebe: Former Journalist at Business Day and Communications Manager at the South African Institute of International Affairs.